Delta Faucet 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic Review

Delta Touch Faucet 9159T-AR-DST


The Delta 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic with Touch20O technology is a stainless steel touch activated faucet that provides durability and ease of use. It has a minimalist design that is most similar to the faucet style used in European homes. This style works very well with most kitchens, providing a simple elegance to the sink fixtures. Made from stainless steel, the faucet doesn’t dirty easily, making it easy to maintain and meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about malfunctions or repairs.


An Overview Of The 9159T-AR-DST


When installed, the 9159T-DST looks like a single faucet without any handles. It has a small lever on one side that can be used to adjust the flow settings. The 9159T-AR-DST is made of well-polished stainless steel which fits into almost any kitchen design. As with other Delta touch kitchen faucets, the 9159T-DST comes with Delta’s DIAMOND seal technology which helps maintain its function over many uses. The seal also keeps metal contaminants out of the water. With simple touch functionality and built-in protection against germs and contamination, this faucet helps make sure your kitchen will remain clean even from the dangers you can’t normally see.

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Delta 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic


Delta Touch Faucet | Installation and Troubleshooting


Installation of this Delta touch faucet is quite easy. The instruction manual is clear and concise with easy to follow illustrations, although you will want to double-check that you have everything correct before moving to the next step. A mishap in the installation can lead to an inconsistent spray, although Delta’s customer service is excellent at helping you through such troubles. It is important to note that everything on the 9159T-AR-DST has a touch sensor except the pull down nozzle. If you are unfamiliar with kitchen touch faucets, it will take a little time to adjust to the fact that a single tap can get the water flowing. But once you are used to it, you will wonder how you did without such convenience.


Extra Features and Functionality


The 9159T-AR-DST includes a few extra features that set it apart from other touch faucets. It is larger than many similar faucets, but not overly bulky, fitting in with most modern sinks. The Delta touch faucet features a pull-out nozzle with a magnetic dock to keep it in place. The magnetic dock works flawlessly, making sure that you won’t have any loose pieces to deal with. On the rare occasion that the dock does get obstructed in such a way as to make the pull-out nozzle difficult to remove, it can easily be fixed by putting a small amount of silicone on the hose. It takes a lot of abuse to be able to damage the 9159T-DST, but even when such a thing happens, the fix is usually extremely easy.

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The Touch 2O System


The 9159T-AR-DST Trinsic is a Touch 2O faucet, which is one of Delta’s newest features. While automatic faucets in the past were difficult to calibrate and usually required a hard press in one specific spot, the 9159T-AR-DST is basically one large sensor, meaning that any place you touch other than specific key areas such as the pull-down lever will turn the faucet on. A simple, light touch will do, making it easy to wash your hands even when you have been handling raw chicken or something else that might be a germ hazard. The Touch 2O system automatically turns off after a few minutes of use to ensure that you don’t wind up wasting water, but can easily be turned back on if you are in the middle of a longer job.

Overall, the Delta9159T-AR-DST Trinsic is one of the better Delta touch faucets on the market today. Large and sturdy, it is easy to install and operate. The problems that might come up with the 9159T-AR-DST are minor and can be easily repaired without having to hire out an expert. If you are looking for an affordable and convenient touch faucet, this will be a good purchase for you.

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